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Movilidad internacional y ofertas de destinos académicos en varios continentes.                          

International @Industriales
International mobility and academic destinations offer on several continents

The ETSII is recognized within the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) for its high volume of student mobility, both incoming and outgoing. This is possible thanks to the mobility agreements that we are increasing year after year. From the International Relations Office (ORI) we work every day so that all students who wish to do an international mobility can do it.

Key figures

Check out our international mobility numbers, they speak for themselves.                                 


We work with the world’s leading engineering universities, get to know them.                                   

Incoming Students

You will come to the ETSII-UPM for our academic excellence, but you will like as for many other things              

Staff mobility

Animamos a todo el personal a tener una experiencia internacional, comprueba las opciones disponibles. Movilidad de personal Desde la ETSII-UPM queremos animar a nuestro personal a

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The International Relations Office (ORI) supports all international mobility activities of the ETSII-UPM.                          



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