Environmental, Chemical and Materials Engineering


The access requirements to be eligible in the doctoral program are the following:

  1. Be in possession of an official Spanish Bachelor (or equivalent) and Master degree.
  2. Also, applicants that fulfil one of the following requirements are eligible:
    1. Be in possession of a Spanish or EU university degree that allows to access a Master degree and having studied at least 300ECTS at university, being 60ECTS or more of a Master degree level.
    2. Be in possession of a Spanish bachelor degree of at least 300ECTS.
    3. Be in possession of a university degree obtained in a foreign country if this proves that the acquired education is equivalent to the one provided by a Spanish Master’s degree (to be checked by the university) and that this degree allows to study a doctoral program in the country of origin.
    4. Be in possession of another doctorate obtained in Spain.

A complete description of the access requirements can be found in the MODELO DE DOCTORADO document that regulates doctoral studies in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

In order to assess the admission, candidates must submit a motivation letter where they have to identify their research area of interest and its relationship with the doctoral program. The following criteria will be considered for the admission:

A. Candidate studies related to the area of research.

B. A letter of support from a professor of the program indicating the interest and viability of doing a thesis in one of the research areas and stating its disposition to be the supervisor.

C. Technical, scientific or strategic value of the proposed research for the program and the university.

D. Relationship of the thesis proposal with existing research projects and/or being in possession of a scholarship to do the thesis.

E. Professional or research experience related to the research area of the thesis.

Criteria A and B must be fulfilled by the candidates to be admitted. Criteria C, D and E will only be considered in the case of having more registrations than positions available. In that case, those criteria will be assessed by the CAPD and an ordered list of the candidates will be produced.

Additionally, an interview can be necessary.