Environmental, Chemical and Materials Doctoral Program

The Environmental, Chemical and Materials engineering program is the result of merging three previous doctoral programs of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. These were: Doctorate in environmental engineering, doctorate in chemical engineering and doctorate in metallic and non metallic materials engineering.

These three programs were unified in a single one due to the interrelationship between their areas of knowledge being chemistry and chemical engineering the link among them. Chemistry and Chemical engineering are behind many important and different industrial sectors like: chemicals, fertilizers, food, medicine and cosmetics, fine chemicals, oil and gas and petrochemical, materials recycling, waste water and solids treatment, etc. All these industries account for a great number of jobs and a significant effort in research and development in Spain and Europe.

Many authors have analysed current trends and challenges in R&D in XXI. There is a consensus on the importance of sectors related to water, environment, food, biotechnology and new materials, as they will be key in the world’s scientific and technological development. All these areas are prioritized in our doctoral program.

  • Environmental engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Materials science and engineering


This doctoral program is under this academic regulations.