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Environmental, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Educational Activities & Movility

The doctoral program will have educational activities to cover transversal and specific outcomes. The student will have to complete 60h of educational activities from which at least 20h will be transversal activities and 20h will be specific activities.

Transversal activities:

Transversal activities are courses and seminars related with Research methodologies, R+D+I management and scientific documentation. These courses are offered by the International doctoral school and the Institute of education sciences.

Activity 1: Emotional tools to cope with a doctoral thesis.
Course length: 20h

Activity 2: Research methodology
Course length: 20h

Specific activities:

Activity 1: Research seminar
Course length: 20h

Activity 2: Seminar attendance, working with laboratory equipment and advanced research techniques. 
Course length: 20h

The CAPD will assess other transversal and specific activities (seminar and courses)  offered by other institutions with similar objectives and targets.

Besides these activities PhD students can apply for a (at least) 3 month stay in another foreign institution, this will be mandatory to obtain an International doctorate.

A more detailed description is available in the this document.


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