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Academic requirements
Academic requirements

In order to be admitted as an International Exchange Student your Home Institution must have a Bilateral Agreement with ETSII-UPM. Please contact the International Coordinator at your Home Institution for instructions about the specific application process.

The selection of courses, listed in the Learning Agreement, must always be approved by the International Coordinator at ETSII-UPM as well as the Home Institutional Coordinator. A preliminary selection of courses is made before arrival. One Academic Year equals 60 ECTS. It is strongly advised that students make a LA that conforms to between 20 ECTS and 30 ECTS at ETSII-UPM per term. Studies at other UPM Centre are not recommended by the International Office and the maximum numbers of ECTS the students could follow in another UPM Centre is 4.5 ECTS. International and Exchange Program Students may do a preliminary Academic Agreement.


Definitive Learning Agreement should be fixed within 4 weeks from the Course start date, and always with the approval of the Home University Coordinator.

International Students cannot be guaranteed to be accepted for an End of Studies Project at ETSII-UPM. A student who wants to carry out a Project must contact a Professor directly and make the arrangements with him/her. Then the student can apply through the same Application on-line.

International Students will register for their courses at the International Relations Office. It is very important that the International Students arrive in ETSII-UPM in time for the course start.

Examinations are taken at the end of each study period, January and June. If you fail at this time, there will be a second chance at the end of the academic year, in July. It is forbidden to do exams concerning ETSI Industriales_UPM courses from your Home University.

As the language of instruction is Spanish, International Students are expected to have a good command of the language. Required level of Spanish language to be accepted at ETSII-UPM is B1 CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). If you are interested in improving your Spanish during your stay: UPM though PROLINTER offers intensive language courses at the beginning of each semester, or you can attend at ETSII-UPM during the academic year the course “Spanish for Foreigners” free of charge for Exchange Students. It is compulsory to do a test in order to be assigned to a group.

The required level to attend English courses will be C1-B2.

Undergraduate students

International Exchange Students must have completed at least two years or 120 ECTS of the educational program at their Home University.

Graduate Students

Official Postgraduate Degrees have special requirements and only students with a Bachelor Degree or equivalent academic qualifications (at least 210 ECTS) could access to these courses.

Double Degree Students

Please note that only students whose Home Institution has a Double Degree Agreement with ETSII-UPM can apply for DD studies.

Free Movers

As Free Mover Student you are not involved in an International Exchange Program or any other Bilateral Agreement so you are required to pay tuition fees at ETSII-UPM.

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