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«Current developments in Advanced Air Mobility»
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«Current developments in Advanced Air Mobility»

5 marzo@12:00-14:00

Current developments in Advanced Air Mobility. Friday March 1st at 12:00h. Aula D.

Ponente:  Prof. Dr. Luis Mejias is an Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) where he leads the Aerospace Automation Research Group. He specialises in uncrewed aerial systems covering many aspects related to this field such as navigation, control theory, path planning, image processing and vision-based control amongst others. His research is related to the development of automation technologies that enable uncrewed aircraft to perform tasks with minimal user supervision. He is particularly motivated by the development of enabling technologies that allow seamless usage of uncrewed aircraft in society

Date:  March 5 at 12:00.

Place: Aula D at ETSII


Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is described as a forward-looking concept aimed at alleviating congestion, reducing infrastructure strain, enhancing time efficiency, and improving accessibility and connectivity. Recently, it has gained global recognition as an emerging, technologically viable solution for achieving net-zero emissions and facilitating passenger, freight, emergency services, and military operations independently of airports. It is considered a pivotal player in the evolution of air transportation.

However, substantial research efforts are necessary to fully develop the design, production, and operation of AAM aircraft and associated system components. In this presentation, I will discuss the key implementation drivers for AAM. This entails integrating cutting-edge technologies like autonomous flight systems, electric propulsion, and advanced air traffic management systems to ensure the safe and dependable operation of urban airspace. AAM holds the potential to revolutionize transportation methods for both people and goods, creating fresh prospects for urban mobility and economic advancement.


5 marzo


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